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Manufacturing & Prototyping

Accelerate your product design process in our Rapid Prototyping Lab. Our cutting-edge 3D printing capabilities allow you to create parts from a variety of plastics and metals. The lab also includes post processing equipment so you can prepare and finish your prototype for testing, deployment or display.

Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) - 3D Printing

Rapid Prototyping Equipment

Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) - Prusa MK3S Print Farm

FDM Print Farm

Our fleet of over a dozen Prusa i3 MK3S+, Prusa Mini+, and Prusa XL FDM printers offer wide material flexibility and the ability to print many parts at once for tight deadlines. These printers can also be booked for larger classes so students can each use a dedicated machine. 

Boss Laser HP3655.webp

Boss Laser HP3655

This 150W CO2 laser cutter is a workhorse in our shop. It can cut wood and plastics up to 3/4" thick, as well as thin sheet metal. It can be use to customize products through etching, or to quickly create large scale assemblies from sheet goods.

Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) - fuse-1 Printer

Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W

The Fuse is a user friendly SLS printer that fuses nylon powders with a scanning laser. As a powder bed printer, supports are rarely needed, and geometric complexity is a minor concern in your designs. It is excellent for both prototypes and end use parts.

Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) - FormLabs form-3

Formlabs Form 3

Low Force Stereolithography technology; Build Envelope: 5.7” x 5.7” x 7.3”; Layer thickness: 25 –300 microns; precise, non-stop printing; Prints with a wide variety of design, engineering resins, casting, and rapid prototyping UV cured resins.

Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) - Bigrep_pro

BigRep PRO

Large Format Fused Filament Fabrication technology; Build envelope: 42.5” x 38.6” x 37.8”; Layer thickness: 0.1 - 0.6 mm; Dual Extruders for print flexibility; Materials include but not limited to: PA6/66, ProHT, PLA, PETG, TPU, Carbon Fiber, PVA, BVOH.

Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) - markforged mark 2

Markforged Mark 2

Desktop 3D printing; Build envelope: 12.6” x 5.2” x 6.1”; Layer thickness 100 microns; removable print bed for additional components; Materials: Onyx plastic, carbon fiber, Kevlar, and HSHT Fiberglass.

Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) - makerbot x

Makerbot Method X

Fused Deposition Modeling technology; Build envelope: 6” x 7.5” x 7.75”; Layer thickness: 20 400 microns; dual print heads travel at up to 500 mm/s, making the Model X one of the fastest desktop 3D printers around; Materials: ABS, ASA, NYLON, PLA, PETG, and TOUGH thermoplastics.

Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) - stratasys J750

Stratasys J750

Polyjet UV cured resin technology; Build envelope 20" x 16" x 8"; Layer thickness: 30 microns (.001") or 14 microns (.00055")micron layer thickness; Highest Resolution; Smooth Finish; Highest Speed; Full Color; Can print 2 materials to replicate overmolding Photopolymers include: Digital ABS, Vero, Clear, Hi Temp, Durus, Tango (like rubber), FDA compliant Dental and medical materials.

Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) - StratSys 1200_hand vac model

Stratasys Dimension 1200

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology; Build envelope: 10" x 10" x 12"; Layer thickness: .007" or .010"; High Speed; Quality, durable prototyping in ABS plastic; Cost effective for small parts or small number of parts

Member companies, please reach out to Tim Butterworth ( or Shaun O’Neil ( to schedule a training session on any of our equipment or inquire about using it.

Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) - Keyence VL-570 3D Scanner

Keyence VL-570 3D Scanner

This can produce full 3D scans of parts, with measurements accuracy down to 0.0004".  This scanner will be of particular interest to members in the injection molding industries looking to automate their first article inspections, or any members with demanding QC.  It is also useful for reverse engineering, for analysis of printed parts, and for easy duplication of difficult to source parts.

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