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Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) Frontline Mask Line

BIC Studios is a strategic partnership between the Berkshire Innovation Center and member company Digital Eyes Film which provides premium storytelling and digital media services.

Our flexible studio space, professional camera packages, and industry expertise are aligned to support BIC programming and enable content opportunities for BIC members and affiliates ranging from Hollywood-style documentaries to marketing campaigns, virtual event production, and everything in-between.

"Innovation Lives Here"

“Innovation Lives Here” is a broad acknowledgement that technology and innovation are part of the Berkshires rich past, thriving present, and limitless future.  Produced by BIC Studios and MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board, this campaign is designed as a building block towards reframing the region as a hub and destination for technology-driven career opportunities that provide exciting, meaningful work, in addition to the quality of life that the Berkshires are renowned for. For more information visit

"Project Frontline" Trailer

"Project Frontline" is a feature length documentary produced in partnership with BIC Member Boyd Biomedical.  Filmed over two years during the pandemic, the is a story of collaboration during crisis and a cautionary tale about our leadership in innovation, advanced manufacturing, and supply chain resilience. For more information or to learn about hosting a screening for your organization or community visit

Explainer video about EMA's SERE

BIC Member Electro Magnetic Applications (EMA) is creating the first Space Environment and Radiation Effects (SERE) commercial test facility of its kind. This revolutionary testing chamber is able to simulate the electromagnetic effects associated with space travel without the need for costly space missions.  For more information visit

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