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BIC Studios

Our flexible studio space, professional camera and audio packages, and built-in expertise enables a range of media services from Hollywood-style documentary production, to virtual event production, and everything in-between.

bic sturios.jpeg
bic sturios.jpeg
At the Studio
Music Recording

BIC Studios is a strategic partnership between the Berkshire Innovation Center and member company Digital Eyes Film which provides premium storytelling and digital media services to BIC members and affiliates.

We believe that storytelling is a key driver of business growth and economic development, and want to support our members and help them tell impactful stories about their business, product, or service.

Check out this explainer video about EMA's SERE produced by BIC Studios.

BIC member, Electro Magnetic Applications (EMA) is creating the first Space Environment and Radiation Effects (SERE) commercial test facility of its kind. This revolutionary testing chamber is able to simulate the electromagnetic effects associated with space travel without the need for costly space missions. 

Also produced by BIC Studios, this is a brief intruduction to Rousselet Robatel's Kromaton line of Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatographs (FCPC).

FCPC has been used across several industries, from cannabis to pharma, and anywhere that difficult to separate molecular species are required to be isolated.  Rousselet Robatel is BIC member.

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