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Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) -Compliance Webinar

A Compliance Solution for Massachusetts Businesses

Monday, May 1, 2023
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Have you turned away business because you could not meet Department of Defense cybersecurity requirements? Are you worried about the expense of becoming compliant? About the consequences of getting something wrong?


The DoD continues to ratchet up compliance requirements for small suppliers. And in turn, prime contractors are setting the bar higher. This impacts small businesses across Central and Western Massachusetts, cutting them off from large customers.

The Berkshire Innovation Center plans to apply for funding to set up a secure facility for local companies to use, taking the compliance burden – including the thousands you would need to spend to become compliant - away from you. This solution would provide companies with a secure method to transmit and receive CUI to and from customers, potentially at no cost to you.


To qualify for state funding, we need to demonstrate that companies would find this valuable. Please join us to learn more, and to help us make the case that our region needs a solution like this.


This opportunity would help sustain and grow local businesses through referenced sponsors. This could provide a vehicle for you to bring your talents and capabilities to the defense industry through trusted partners who have already nevigated the cyber compliance processes.


Sign up for this 1-hour webinar to explore this idea and offer your suggestions of how we might make the case to the state.

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