Membership at the Berkshire Innovation Center establishes a direct connection to the BIC's broad network of innovative companies and education & research partners and allows access to the BIC's facilities, equipment, and programs.  It provides opportunities to interact and collaborate with thousands of employees, professionals, engineers, researchers, scientists, faculty, and students.  Whether you are seeking to collaborate with university researchers, utilize the BIC's cutting edge labs and R&D equipment, train your employees, or develop your business with BIC's broad network of companies, educational, and research partners, there is a BIC plan that is appropriate for you.


Membership Plans - Benefits and Features



  1. Discount Member Prices (DMP) are typically at or near cost and well below market prices
  2. Foundation Members must begin paying membership fees effective January 1, 2015.  This can be paid retroactively to qualify. 
  3. Premium Members sign membership agreement now and begin paying membership fees when BIC building opens.

Fee Scheule



  1. Usage Fees for Equipment, Training Programs, and Rentals (Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Labs, Office) 
  2. Lease Fees for Office Space, Incubator and Accelerator Space, Clean Rooms, Wet Labs
  3. DMP – Discounted Member Price (Typically at Cost and Well Below Market Prices)